Study Spanish in Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and has experienced a cultural renaissance in the past few years. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it offers beaches to fascinating architecture, a world class soccer team and an unending nightlife. Like Sevilla, Valencia is a big city with a small-town feel that makes everyone feel at home.

Valencia is famous for its paella valenciana which consists of rice, fish, chicken, sausage (chorizo), lobster, shrimp, mussels - a mixture of food which when mixed together produces the most mouth-watering dish imaginable. Besides being famous for its paella, Valencia also celebrates Las Fallas, the most renowned fiesta known world wide. During Las Fallas, there is a parade of satirical papier-mache caricatures that represent local and state government officials with each neighborhood making a caricature.. These caricatures are judged and awarded prizes. After prizes are given, the caricatures are burned in the streets. Valencia has a long history of cultures that left its mark from the Romans, Visigoths and Moors to the Christians. Recently architect Santiago Calatrava designed the futuristic Arts and Science Center, which is a part of the revitalization movement in Valencia. Calatrava's buildings and other cutting-edge projects have made Valencia the new hot-spot in Spain. Additionally, a wine area boasting the production of top-notch Spanish Rioja wines has recently opened up south of Valencia. So whether it's the paella or Las Fallas or the new wine-tasting region or the ultra-modern architecture, Valencia is a vibrant city that offers the old and the new for you to experience.
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