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Study in Spain!

Study in Latin America!

Study in Mexico!

Study in Spain! Study in Latin America! Study in Mexico!

Study in Spanish in Native Speaking Countries!

The Spanish Programs include Intensive, Super-Intensive, one-on-one and group classes.  There are Spanish classes for all Spanish students and the areas are International Law in Spanish, Spanish-English translation, Spanish trade and commerce, Spanish for professionals such as business and Spanish internships in corporations, hospitals and schools. Spanish for doctors and other medical personnel is very popular. Spanish art, Spanish music, Spanish literature and Spanish art/art history/ceramics courses are offered in Spain and Latin America.  Spanish for Spanish Professors/Teachers is offered several times a year, most frequently in the summer.  Courses in the wine-producing areas of Spain such as Rioja, el Duero and Valencia are offered in Spanish Oenology and Spanish Cooking. In Rome, Italy there is a wine-tasting and gastronomy course offered as well. Very popular dance classes such as Spanish flamenco, Cuban salsa and the Argentine tango are included in afternoon activities.

Earn Academic Credit or a new Skill!

The Spanish D.E.L.E. exam (official exam for foreign students studying Spanish) is offered in Spain and throughout the world on May 26, August 26 and November 9, 2012.  The 50+ can enjoy taking Spanish classes and enjoy taking weekend excursions and end-of-the-course trips to nearby Spanish cities  and Spanish country sides. Spanish immersion courses (from beginning to advanced) are offered online using Skype. The Spanish professor who teaches this online Spanish course resides in Madrid, and this program is only a click away.  Sports offered in the Spanish Camps for students from 8 to 18 years of age are soccer, basketball, hiking, swimming, golf, scuba diving, tennis, snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing, biking, etc. Cuba has been recently added to the list of Spanish-speaking countries represented by Spanish Works, Inc..  A Study and Travel Program, which includes a week course accompanied by a Spanish professor in the West and Central Cuba and another week in Havana, is a new and exciting course.

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