Improve your Business Spanish
Improve your Business Spanish - Study Spanish in Spanish speaking countries.

Professional, Business, Pedagogical and Medical Spanish

Spanish Works, Inc. offers many business courses from a first-year course to advanced business. After taking a certain number of business courses, a student may opt for the opportunity to work at a variety of companies/hospitals/schools as interns. In Spain, the Chamber of Commerce Exams are administered to business students and a certificate is given to students who have completed business courses.

Usually during the summer there are many courses – from two weeks to four weeks – that offer Spanish Teacher Training Courses and Pedagogical seminars. In Spain there are such courses offered in Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca and Valencia.

In Mexico medical Spanish is offered in Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta.

Course for Spanish teachers and professors

The course is divided into four categories:

l. Who are our students?
a. Determine the level of linguistic competency of the students.
b. Syllabi including objectives and course descriptions.
c. Evaluation of course by students, by faculty and by administration.

2. Methodology a. Presentation and analysis of different types of teaching.
b. Presentation and of manuals and didactic methods.
c. Audio-visual materials: music, movies, CDs, using the projector, etc.
d. Creating materials for class use.

3. Challenges in the Spanish language. Are they impossible to learn?
a. Presentation of the great themes of the Spanish language.
b. Ser o Estar. Estar o Hay.
c. Por o Para
d. Imperfecto o Indefinido
e. Indicativo o Subjuntivo

4. Put into practice: a. Strategies of the professor.
b. Observation of classes.
c. Analysis and comments on classes that were observed during the session.

Dates: July 2 – July 13 2012
July 2 – July 27, 2012

Price: Registration fee: 39 Euros. Program 1,087 Euros for TWO weeks
Registration fee: 39 Euros. Program 2,038 Euros for FOUR weeks

Included in the price: Course 20/24 lessons weekly. Lodging with family. Single room and two meals per day. All materials for class.

Please e-mail for more information on any of these professional courses.
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